About us

Megha Home Build is a residential construction company with the expertise and creative ability to complete any residential project. We specialize in Construction Management, Earthmoving, Underground Utilities and Site Development everything you need to develop strong success for your next big project. We believe in satisfying our customers for their needs. We offer assistance to our customers with site selection, design suggestions and construction related guidelines.

Our comprehensive approach includes technical and specialty knowledge combined with quality management. We are serving more than 173 customers all over East Uttar Pradesh. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations by delivering a heightened level of professionalism and attention to detail that ensures a superior product that is efficient and economically sensible.

With our many years of experience in all types of construction methods, we bring the experience and commitment you need throughout pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases.

Schemes of Megha Home Build Pvt. Ltd

24 Months Scheme

In this scheme, upon doing Registration with Rs. 5100.00, you can get 50 s/y, 100 s/y plot after two years.

Saral Awas Yojna

In this scheme, with Registration of only Rs. 2000.00 and by paying monthly installment of Rs. 1633.00 for 60 months, you can become owner of 50 s/y plot in just 60 months time.